Friday, January 29, 2010

Random Jibberings, most likely

I was going to rant, so it's probably fortunate for you Yankees who read this that I chose not to. heh

Kate and I also discussed blogging a few in a short series about the UN Reaction to the Rwanda Genocide of 1994, but that was also nixed, due to the cruelty and slaughter that was present during the incident.

AS such, other than adding to the Apostle Paul, which I don't feel like doing, what is there to say?

Thus, if you readers would be so obliged, perhaps post comments on what You would like to see, and perhaps we may cover it in the future.

And now to continue on with random historical facts and discussion. I was reading over a friend's shoulder, the other day, regarding a facebook quiz that he was taking. Now you must understand that both he and I are avid WWII followers, and so we were dismayed when he only got 60% right. We carefully scrutinized the remnants of that perfidious quiz and realized the fact that the author didn't actually know what he was talking about. :P We should have been aware with several spelling errors, but the options were reasonable and we chose what actually were the correct answers.

For example, if I recall correctly, it appears that the answer 'Operation Sea Lion' was 'wrong', according to the quiz. However, the question stated "What was the code name of Hitler's proposed invasion of England..." Jeepers criminy, any person who appreciates history should know that, don't you think?

Another blatant indicator was the question, "Which British battleship was sunk in a mere 3 minutes by the German battleship Bismark in the Battle of Denmark Strait?"
the chap obviously doesn't realize that the the battle began at 0552, and the deadly hit on the HMS Hood was inflicted at roughly 0600. What the chap should mean is that the HMS Hood sunk less than three minutes after being hit. -_- And long after both the Bismark and Prinz Eugen were both seriously damaged (though still operational).

and what does this look like to you?

A Schmeisser submachine gun, no? It seems that this chap who created the quiz disagrees. :P

And then there was a ridiculous question regarding an airfield in Guadalcanal. An American airstrip, no less, that they later abandoned. To see this quiz, one would think the war revolved around Guadalcanal.

Well that's all for now. Cheers.

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Kate said...

That guy must've been tired or something. :P Hopefully the "or something" 'cause you should NOT make a quiz if you're tired (my science teacher's experience). And as for spelling errors...Whoever invented the dictionary had a reason.

Well, Ruth's the only one who seems to read this. Sunny's lost the link and I never get to talk to her. :P *looks expectantly at Ruth*