Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Field Marshal Law Montgomery was much greater than Patton.

Greetings all, and my sincerest apologies about the length between posts. I simply haven't had the time to maintain this blog, but here I am, at last! :D

I'm going to initiate my return with a very controversial topic - many believe that George S. Patton was the greatest American tank commander, and even general, of all time. These individuals also tend to frown on the caution displayed by his English counterpart, rival and superior, General Montgomery.

Here are some basic points I am going to offer:

1. Patton was a contemptible man who instigated strife among his fellow commanders and the Allied High Command.

2. Patton didn't seem to believe in a "grand alliance." Or, if he did, he attempted to belittle International efforts. He hated the English, detested the Arabs, scorned the Russians, beleaguered the French etc.

3. Patton was disloyal to his wife... It almost seems that he dated his niece, Jean Gordon. She certainly became too close to him.

4. Patton was a reckless general, and he seemed to hold the belief that the war was designed for his further gains and glory (charge around Messina and the Waters' incident come to mind)

5. Patton was a vulgar man who luxuriated while seeming to ignore the needs of his soldiers (slapping several men who suffered from battle exhaustion, preferring petrol over food rations, drawing a revolver in a hospital etc.)

6. Patton, "Talked too much." He couldn't keep secrets and thence was not privy to certain information or developments in Allied High Command (Eisenhower never informed him about Ultra, and he was not privy to much of the planning regarding Overlord).

7. Patton was too impetuous to be a great soldier, and he directly disobeyed orders from his superiors.

That's all for the moment. I'll let you readers consider that and wait anxiously for the next part. ; )