Thursday, December 17, 2009


Greetings, Kate and all those of you whom will follow our blog. : )

I'm known as Agent (007), and I'll be aiding Kate in the compilation of several historical points and discussions. : )

This is, also, my first blog and I doubt that I'll be able to attend it daily, but I shant neglect any responsibilities I have, here. :D

Tally ho, now that that's wrapped up, I suppose 'tis time to write a little bit about myself.

I'm an exorbitant history buff. My apprehension of history ranges from Ancient times to recent history, all around the world. Granted, I'm more knowledgeable about certain eras and country, conflicts and advances than other. For example, I know about pretty much every battle and event of WWI, but I may not be able to tell you (offhand) exactly when the Imjin Wars took place (ah, they took place at 1592, of course, but that's just an example. ; ) )

Also, I appreciate strategy gaming of most sorts. Board game and video game alike, so long as it contains the essence of serious strategy. If any of you are interested, I'm a member in , a Risk-like online gaming platform. Extremely interesting, it is. Over thirty different maps and several styles of gameplay.

Furthermore, I'm an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan. :D Sports are another hobby of mine, but I'll only touch on that very briefly, as this is not what this blog is about. :D

Indeed, Kate, it is amazing to see what God has shown us through history. It is fulfilling to see all of the fulfilled prophecies, and those yet to come.

And, to touch briefly on another subject, some of you may ask, "Why did God let this happen?" or "If Christianity is so peaceful, what about the Crusades?" I don't have any immediate answer to the first question, except that all things work according to His plan. As for the second, maybe this question can be answered in the following few posts, as it is a rather interesting and complex question, of which most ignorant parties don't fully comprehend the full political, religious and social reasons behind the Crusades.

That's all for now. Cheerio


Spits said...

You information is priceless, but your ego is disgusting. :D

That said... I'm going to look forward to seeing how this all works out! Glad to see you've decided to be "Agent" here. ;)

Conquer Club is fun. Only thirty maps? Jeez...I could have sworn there were more. And the Imjin Wars I've NEVER EVEN HEARD OF. :o

Agent said...

Myeh, that was mostly Hannah's decision, as well. lol I suggested 'Admiral' and a couple others of the usual lot, but she chose to dub me in as Agent. *shakes head*

Yeah, slight under-estimation. More like 130 or something. I figured it with soem mathematical calculations the other day, but I don't currently remember. lol

Never heard of them? Cripes!!! Wait, maybe I can use them, then... ; )

Kate said...

Well, Agent, it WAS your username on Storytellers for a while. ;)